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You can be a light entrepreneur without a Business ID or an entrepreneur with a Business ID. Being an entrepreneur is easier when you choose the right partner. You will have the freedom to work when it suits you and your customers can find you. We’ll help you along your way and you won’t even have to send invoices for your work or spend evenings preparing quotes. You can focus on the essential and enjoy the fruits of your work, which will soon flow into your bank account.

Kuinka tulla HemmaKoti®-palveluntarjoajaksi?

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2. Complete your profile

3. Add your expertise

4. Complete the schedule that works best for you in the calendar

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6. Ready for the customer

Have you considered becoming an entrepreneur, but abandoned the idea of looking more closely into all the red tape around it?

  • Did the customer cancel and free up your calendar?
  • Are you already an experienced entrepreneur but need more customers and better visibility?
  • Would the ready-made HemmaKoti®
    brand give you a boost and reliability to benefit from in your work?
  • Are you tired of writing invoices all the time?
  • Do you employ more than one employee but want to fill your calendars more efficiently?
  • Are you a small entrepreneur but need a sense of community to support you in doing things by yourself?
  • Would you want more work but don’t want to spend your evenings doing paperwork?

If you answered YES to one or more of these, we are here to help. Let’s make it easier and more fun to be an entrepreneur together! Because with us, you won’t have to spend time on invoicing, marketing or preparing quotes. You can always ask us for advice. Our customer service is here for you.

Who can be a HEMMAKOTI® service provider?

Any person aged 18 or over with expertise and/or professional skills from the following of household service categories can act as a service provider. We appreciate all kinds of expertise, whether you are a beginner or a long-established veteran entrepreneur. Being a service provider does not obligate you to do anything.

Light entrepreneur

You don’t have a Business ID but want more earnings? You are in the right place and we are here to help you get started! The ready-made HemmaKoti® brand and the helpful and joyful HemmaKoti® customer service team will support you. You will be paid a fee for the work done to your bank account. Please follow the instructions to submit your tax card by logging into your profile. You are free to set the times when you will be working in your calendar and price your work independently. How do I set a price for my services?

Small entrepreneur

You already have a Business ID but want more customers and visibility through the HemmaKoti® online service. No problem! You will receive trade income for the work done, from which we will withhold tax. If you are liable for YEL insurance, the health insurance contribution of 1.34% will also be deducted from the trade income. Please follow the instructions to submit your tax card by logging into your profile. You are free to set the times when you will be working in your calendar and price your work independently. How do I set a price for my services?

Larger company, several employees

When trade income is not an option, we pay compensation for the work done to the company’s account using self-billing. This applies to companies employing more than one person, for example. We will take care of everything on your behalf. Here, too, you do not need to spend your time on invoicing. Tax Administration self-billing.

From the point of view of the tax authority, the HemmaKoti® service provider, i.e. the light entrepreneur, is an employee who is paid a wage. Legally, the service provider is not in an employment relationship with the company providing the HemmaKoti® online service, i.e. Pendola Oy. From the point of view of unemployment benefit, a light entrepreneur is an entrepreneur.  YTK General Unemployment Fund maintains an unemployment insurance guide for light entrepreneurs, which you can consult for further information, if necessary.

Please note that an entrepreneur also has to have a work permit. Further information is available from the Finnish Immigration Service.


How do I set a price for my services?

The HemmaKoti® service providers, i.e. the light entrepreneurs, define their own expertise and pricing for their services at an hourly rate. The starting point is to price your own work profitably so that you can cover all business expenses and ensure that the amount you are left with is an appropriate remuneration for the work done.

The HemmaKoti® service provider, i.e. the light entrepreneur, also operates like an entrepreneur, and there is no reason to take too little compensation for the work done. The entrepreneur’s compensation for the work performed is not equal to the hourly wage of a wage-earner for the work performed. Taking into account the costs, the hourly compensation of the entrepreneur must be on average more than twice the hourly remuneration of a wage-earner. The amount you receive from the customer should cover reasonable compensation for the time taken by the work, even after deducting all statutory fees, insurance, taxes and the HemmaKoti® service fee. Entrepreneurs do not cover the costs our their own pockets, but include them in the price of their services. Such costs may include, for example, insurance premiums and transport costs by car or bus, for example.

When pricing, consider the following:

  • Find out the sector’s general price level and proportion your own expertise to it. The price should reflect the general price level of entrepreneurs in the sector.
  • Also include other expenses in the price. Please note that the hourly rate is not the same as the net remuneration. Compared to wage-based work, you have to charge considerably more. Take into account the tools, the costs incurred due to the work and livelihood during holidays, as well as any YEL contribution.
  • Typical entrepreneur’s expenses include statutory fees (taxes and any health insurance contribution, insurance premiums, HemmaKoti®
    service fee, YEL insurance, where applicable, materials and supplies, travel expenses, work equipment, work premises, telephone bills and internet connection, marketing expenses, training, holidays and sickness, other operating expenses.

When and how will the remuneration be paid?

The remuneration is paid automatically once a week. Once logged in, you can track remuneration paid and to be paid. The payout date is each Thursday, and the remuneration will appear on your account the next business day. You don’t need to order the remuneration separately. You can also choose to accrue fees. You can change this in your profile by changing the payment interval. You will always receive a fee statement through your online bank.

Should I report my income to the tax authorities?

You do not need to report any remuneration data to the tax authorities. HemmaKoti® pays the fee to your account, withholds the statutory deductions from it and ensures that your income is reported to the income register. All deductions from the fee can be seen in the statement that is submitted to your online bank.

Income calculator

When paying the fee, we charge an 11% service fee.

We will also withhold other fees and statutory deductions from the remuneration. These include health insurance contribution of 1.34% and withholding tax based on your personal tax rate, if applicable. Please note that the income calculator only gives an indicative estimate of the remuneration. If you want more detailed information, you can contact us by e-mail, by submitting a contact request through the site’s chat feature or by phone +358 (0)29 1700775 (Mon–Fri from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

Tax card

We will need your tax card to pay the fee. We therefore hope that you will add your tax card to the service as soon as possible after signing up. Without the tax card, 60% of the fee will be withheld in accordance with the tax authorities’ instructions.

From the point of view of the tax authority, a HemmaKoti® service provider, i.e. the light entrepreneur, is an wage-earner who is paid a wage. Legally, the service provider is not in an employment relationship with the company providing the HemmaKoti® online service, Pendola Oy.


Am I insured?

Liability insurance

Our HemmaKoti® service providers are always insured against liability during their assignments. Accidents can happen to any one of us at work, and liability insurance will compensate for material damage in such situations up to €1,000,000 in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance. A deductible of €1,000 remains to be paid by the insured person. In accordance with the terms and conditions, the liability insurance indemnifies third parties for losses for which you are legally liable. The liability insurance is free of charge to our users.

Accident insurance

We also recommend that you check out accident insurance (Fennia +358 (0)10 503 8808 or online), which is a compulsory insurance policy for service providers. Accident insurance covers accidents at work. Insurance is arranged in cooperation with Fennia Mutual Insurance Company. When calling, please let us know that you currently work as a service provider through the HemmaKoti® online service. When you take out accident insurance directly from an insurance company, you can determine the level of indemnification and terms and conditions of insurance yourself. This way, you will know exactly how much your insurance costs.


The entrepreneur’s statutory pension insurance, or YEL insurance, is compulsory insurance for the majority of entrepreneurs. YEL insurance is compulsory if you meet certain conditions as an entrepreneur. YEL affects your income in connection with illness, unemployment and parental leave, among other things. When the conditions are met, you can freely choose the employment pension company from which you wish to take out YEL insurance. Please also remember to change your profile so that we will know about your insurance. Further information is provided below.

What is YEL?

You will need entrepreneur’s pension insurance (YEL ) when

  • you are over 18 years of age,
  • you work in your own company as an entrepreneur or as a light entrepreneur,
  • your entrepreneurial activity will continue for at least four months, and
  • your income from work, i.e. the value of your labour input, is at least € 8 261,71 (2022).

Insurance begins at the beginning of the calendar month following the 18th birthday.

The upper age of the obligation to take out insurance depends on the year of birth of the entrepreneur:

  • for persons born in 1957 or earlier, the upper age limit is 68 years;
  • for those born in 1958–1961, it is 69 years, and
  • for those born in 1962 or later, it is 70 years.

If you work as an entrepreneur alongside your old-age pension, YEL insurance is voluntary for you.

YEL is the foundation of social security for entrepreneurs

  • A valid YEL insurance makes it possible for the entrepreneur to take out accident insurance.
  • Sickness and parental allowance and unemployment benefits are also determined on the basis of YEL earnings.
  • An entrepreneur can join the unemployment fund for entrepreneurs if the YEL earnings are a minimum of €13,573  (2022) per year.

When do I need to take out YEL insurance?

You will need YEL insurance when you work so much that your YEL earnings, i.e. your gross wages, exceed an average of €688 (2022) per month. The start date of the YEL insurance is the date on which your gross wages exceed this limit.

Example: Neil starts working in March and his gross salary in March, April and May is 300 euros per month. In the summer, the activity picks up and from June, Neil’s gross salary is €850 per month. Neil must take out insurance from 1 June.

If I work for less than four months, do I need to take out YEL insurance?

If your gross salary exceeds the minimum threshold of €688 (2022) per month for YEL insurance but the work lasts for less than four months, you do not need to take out YEL insurance.

Example: Shirley has been invited to teach a course that lasts four weeks. She prepares the course content for two weeks before the course starts. In total, she works on the course for six weeks. Shirley’s gross salary for the course is €8,100. Shirley does not need to take out YEL insurance if this is her only assignment and she does not otherwise work as a light entrepreneur or entrepreneur.

I’m retired on an old-age pension. Do I have to take out YEL insurance?

If you work as an entrepreneur alongside your old-age pension, YEL insurance is voluntary for you.