Connecting people and homes

We have brought home service providers and households together under one roof. Ordering and comparing services is now easier than ever.

This is how HemmaKoti® works

Ordering household services has never been so easy. HemmaKoti connects household service providers and households.

We have more than 20 ready-made service categories to choose from. By choosing the service, place and time, suitable service providers are proposed to you. You can compare, chat and pay securely online. You will also be able to benefit from the tax credit for household costs, where applicable.

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HemmaKoti® service provider

Service providers are light entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who price, schedule and perform services independently. They have the expertise and/or professional skills required for the service. The service providers are responsible for the insurance coverage, permits and statutory obligations required in their work. HemmaKoti maintains a liability insurance policy that covers any damage that may have occurred at the customer’s place. The payment for the work performed is relayed to the service providers through the HemmaKoti online service. Pendola Oy, the company operating the HemmaKoti web service, is a Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority-licensed payment intermediary.

For households

Do you sometimes feel like your everyday life could be a little lighter? Could use a few more hours, maybe even a few more pairs of hands?

Service providers are there to help you with your household work, both inside and outside, just when you need help. Placing an order is completely free of charge. You can choose the most suitable service provider for the job and safely discuss the content of the job in more detail via the chat feature.

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Our mission

Our mission is to produce a lighter everyday life. You will have more time for just the things that you feel are relevant to you. We believe that by making it easier to order household services, we can help you free up time for yourself in a meaningful way.